Fall 2020 Callout Going Virtual

In consideration of recent events with COVID-19, Purdue ARC has decided to host the Fall 2020 callout virtually. The callout will be held over Webex or a similar platform during the second week of school. This will allow for live Q&A just like a regular callout would, while ensuring the safety of attendees.

There will also be a pre-recorded video of the presentation portion of the callout posted to YouTube. This video will be released a week before the start of classes, and any questions can be directed to the club email, the Contact Us page, and/or the comment section.

In these callouts, we will put a special emphasis on changes we are making to keep our members safe and to fit Purdue guidelines.

This pre-recorded callout won’t be released until August 17th, so until then submit any questions you want us to answer on the Contact Us page or via email.

See you then!