Spring 2021 Onboarding

To ensure a smooth transition into the Spring semester, we have written this article detailing how new and returning members can get involved with ARC.

For New Members

First off, welcome to Purdue’s Autonomous Robotics Club! We are excited to have you interested and hope we can make your semester a little more interesting, despite the circumstances.

The semester is going to start with two meetings dedicated to onboarding new members. Attending at least one of these meetings is crucial for getting involved and will provide lots of information about how the club operates. The dates for these meetings are 1/20 and 1/27 at 7:00pm EST. They will take place over Zoom, which you can join using the link provided on our calendar.

Beyond attending these onboarding meetings, we also ask that you fill out our sign up form and join the ARC Slack. The form is how we will add you to our mailing list and the Slack is where the team handles a majority of communication.

If you have additional questions before the meetings / can’t attend the meetings, be sure to contact us through Slack or via email.

For Returning Members

Welcome back! For returning members we ask that you fill out the Spring 2021 sign up form. This allows us to track attendance and see who’s returning from the previous semester.

The first two general meetings will be optional but recommended as they are geared more towards new members. Beyond that, stay updated within the Slack and communicate with your project teams to schedule meetings. We’re glad to have you back!