The Autonomous Robotics Club of Purdue was created to grow the skills and abilities of its members through design projects centered around advanced autonomous robotics systems. It provides hands-on, real world experience to interdisciplinary teams using industry standard tools and practices.

Through ARC, members can meet like-minded individuals, solve real world robotics problems, gain experience with industry-standard tools, and build their career portfolios. We welcome new members of any skill level and provide an environment for members to learn about topics such as state estimation, control algorithms, and machine learning. New members have opportunities for leadership early on and can gain in depth experience working on projects that interest them. ARC projects typically include a mix of hardware and software design.

Current ARC supports five projects:

  • Rocket League: Teaching a system of autonomous, scaled vehicles to play head-to-head in a game of high speed soccer.
  • Robot Arm: Exploring complex pick-and-place manipulation through 3D-printed, robotic arms.
  • Wizard’s Chess: Creating a giant, self-playing chess board inspired by the Harry Potter universe.
  • Piano Hand: Creating a biologically-inspired manipulator capable of playing the piano.
  • Drone Delivery: Developing a UAV platform capable of autonomously delivering small packages.

More information about all of these projects can be found on the wiki.

Each semester, students are encouraged to pitch ideas for new projects that match the interests of the club. Purdue ARC prides itself on being a self-guided exploration of state-of-the-art problems within autonomous robotics.

To get in contact or get involved, check out the links on the bottom of the home page.