Hello! I’m Raghava, the software lead, along with Sara, our hardware lead for the Robot Arm project at ARC.

If you’re reading this, I hope you’re interested in being apart of the robot arm project! I’m excited to work with you guys and build an awesome robot arm.


So, I’m a new project member, what should I do?

So, if you’re new to the project, we’ll try our best to get you up to speed ASAP on our project with our onboarding tools we built:


  1. Get Fusion 360
  2. Be on the lookout for CAD and Manufacturing/Assembly 101 workshops run by Sara


  1. Check out the Software Docs page
  2. Add comments at the end of the docs for typos, broken links, and general questions + join drop in hours to chat/brainstorm ideas
  3. Check out the GitHub repo and try following the readme to try to reproduce some of our results so far, if you reach any issues, open a GH issue on the repo to get it fixed ASAP
  4. Be on the lookout for news of ROS workshops


Complete the todos at the end of the page.


So, I’m an existing member or already onboarded, what should I work on?


On the System Overview page of the Software Docs, all the subsystems are listed that you can work on and things in red and orange need more help (this diagram can change in the future, I’ll notify when there are updates). All subsystems are tied to a ROS package in the main GitHub repo.


Currently, designing + manufacturing a new arm, so for more specifics drop a message in the #ra-hardware channel, but in the future a Hardware Docs section in the wiki will show up.


  1. Status update meetings (15-30min twice a week, but only required to come to 1)
  2. Drop-in hours (optional 1-2hr long sessions, where will be hanging out in the voice chat to talk about project ideas, figure out bugs, etc)
  3. 1-on-(1-5) sessions for impromptu help and/or discussion

At each status update meeting we will discuss:

  1. Announcements/progress to share
  2. Any current roadblocks


  • Join the project roster (must be a Purdue student, link in our Discord) so we have an official project headcount
  • Fill out the whenisgood form to share when you can best spend time on ARC
  • Make sure that you’re a @robot-arm member in #roles channel in the Discord