Onboarding meetings have been scheduled for the Spring 2022 semester:

Rocket League

Wednesday 26th @ 6PM at ARMS 3115

Project manager: James Baxter - @James in Discord

Robot Arm

Wednesday 26th @ 7PM at BIDC

Project managers: Raghava Uppuluri and Sara Swanlund - @Raghava and @Sara in Discord

Wizards Chess

Wednesday 26th @ 6PM at ARMS 1021

Project manager: Ilina Adhikari - @Ilina in Discord

Piano Hand

Thursday 27th @ 7PM at KRACH 238

Project manager: Revanth Senthilkumaran - @Revanth in Discord.

Drone Delivery

Wednesday 26th @ 6PM at TBD location (either virtual or KRACH)

Project manager: Sooraj Venkataraghavan - @Sooraj in Discord

Project-specific questions can be directed to respective project managers.

If you plan on attending the Robot Arm onboarding, you will need to complete the necessary steps for working at BIDC: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KCTd80bjU_FQhWuuwo3mB5LbyXC1yV-Dxqtei_C1ZKk/edit?usp=sharing

More specifically, you need to complete the related badges for working in the general and assembly spaces.

BIDC-related questions can be directed to @Sara, shop manager.