BIDC Information

Information for using ARC’s space within BIDC

ARC currently holds shop space at BIDC. Students can use this space for manufacturing and assembling parts, hosting project meetings and storing equipment.

Anyone looking to use the space must complete the required trainings. To do this, join the BIDC group on passport and obtain the following badges:

Additional badges are required for manufacturing tasks such as using the drill press, vertical bandsaw, etc.

Card Swipe Access

BIDC only grants ARC a limited number of positions for people with card swipe access. Because of this, we try to equally divide those with access across each project.

To have a meeting at BIDC, you need to ensure at least one of the attending members will have swipe access to let everyone else in.

The current swipe list is:

  • Rocket League
    • Harrison McCarty (mccarth at
    • James Baxter (baxter26 at
    • Robert Ketler (rketler at
    • Justin Lee (lee3228 at
  • Wizard Chess
    • Ilina Adhikari (iadhikar at
    • Vinitha Marupeddi (vmaruped at
    • Emma Block (block21 at
  • Robot Arm
    • Raghava Uppuluri (ruppulur at
    • Bronson Yen (yen22 at
    • Sara Swanlund (sswanlun at
  • Drone Delivery
    • Sooraj Chetput Venkataraghavan (schetput at
    • Cade Jarrett (jarrettc at
  • Piano Hand
    • Revanth Senthilkumaran (senthilr at
    • Rugved Dikay (rdikay at
    • Manas Paranjape (mparanja at

3D Printing

ARC maintains two 3D printers within the shop space:

  • Tony: Monoprice Maker Select 2
  • Chelsea: Creality CR-6 SE

If you have an interest in using either printer, reach out in the ARC discord under the “3D printing” channel.

The recommended printer profiles using the Cura Slicer:

Chelsea Settings:

Layer height: 0.15 mm
Top thickness: 0.8
Bottom thickness: 0.8
Bottom layers: 6
Infill density: 20%
Print speed: 35.0 mm/s
Cooling: 75%
Raft supports are optional

Tony Settings:

Print Speed: 50.0 mm/s
Infill density: 15%
Wall Thickness: 1.05 mm
Top/Bottom Thickness: 0.72 mm
Build Plate Temperature: 60 C
Layer Height: 0.15 mm
Initial Layer Height: 0.2625 mm
Top/Bottom Layer Height: 0.8 mm
Minimum Layer Time: 5s
Minimum Speed: 10 mm/s
Fan Speed: 100%
Cooling: 100%

Advanced Manufacturing