Club Tools and Links

Various tools and links available

Purchases & Reimbursements

Purdue requires that each club operates under a reimbursement model. Meaning each purchase the club makes, must first be made by a student and then BOSO (Business Office for Student Organizations) will reimburse said student.

If you make a purchase for the club, use the following reimbursement form to request your check from BOSO. Once your reimbursement is submitted on our end, you should receive a confirmation. Checks usually take around a week.

Reimbursement Form

Requests for Equipment and Supplies

Each project creates a budget at the beginning of each semester, which is then approved by the club’s board.

Additional expenses or supplies can be requested however for the shared space at BIDC. If you believe something would be nice to have in the shop space, request it at the following link:

Equipment and Supplies Request Form

Remote Work and Hosting

Purdue hosts a server at BIDC for students to work remotely. Each account has been granted Docker permissions with plans to add additional features in the future.

If you are interested in obtaining an account, contact Harrison McCarty on the Discord.

Server address: